TMA 18th Annual Spring Taekwondo Championships 2019


Saturday, February 23, 2019
Tiger Martial Arts in Sunnyvale
The competition starts 9 AM; Master Hung will provide approximate check-in and staging times for each competitor.

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All sparring athletes must bring:

  • Shin protectors without instep protectors
  • Forearm protectors
  • White or clear mouth guard
  • Red, Blue, or White helmet
  • Chest protector
  • Groin protection worn inside the pants (mandatory for males and females)

Students 8 years old and older shall use the an electronic sparring system. TMA shall provide electronic chest protectors, and instep protectors. Please return them when your athlete is finished sparring.

Finger and toe nails must be kept trimmed. Hair must be short or tied in a ponytail using an elastic hair band. No metallic or hard items such as hair pins, ear rings, necklaces, rings, plastic headbands, or casts may be worn.

Color belts will spar for 3 rounds, 90 seconds each, with 30 second breaks in between rounds.

Black belts will spar for 3 rounds, 120 seconds each, with 60 second breaks in between rounds.

We will use the latest USAT rules, which now allows pushing the opponent, with only a few exceptions: pushing the opponent out of bounds and pushing the kicking opponent are not allowed.

Traditional Poomsae

Color belt students shall perform one form from the following choices suitable for their belt level. Accuracy and presentation are more important than choosing a higher level form; do not attempt a form beyond your belt level. The competition format shall be single elimination.

White Kibon 1
White Belt Yellow Stripe Kibon 2
White Belt Orange Stripe Kibon 3
White Belt Purple Stripe Kibon 4
White Belt Green Stripe Kibon 5
White Belt Blue Stripe Kibon 6
Yellow Belt (Adult Only) Taegeuk 1-2, Palgwe 1-2
Yellow Belt White Stripe Taegeuk 1, Palgwe 1
Yellow Belt Orange Stripe Taegeuk 2, Palgwe 2
Orange Belt (Adult Only) Taegeuk 3, Palgwe 3
Orange Belt Taegeuk 3
Orange Belt Black Stripe Palgwe 3
Purple Belt (Adult Only) Taegeuk 4, Palgwe 4
Purple Belt Taegeuk 4
Purple Belt Black Stripe Palgwe 4
Green Belt (Adult Only) Taegeuk 5, Palgwe 5
Green Belt Taegeuk 5
Green Belt Black Stripe Palgwe 5
Blue Belt (Adult Only) Taegeuk 6, Palgwe 6
Blue Belt Taegeuk 6
Blue Belt Black Stripe Palgwe 6
Brown Belt (Adult Only) Taegeuk 7, Palgwe 7
Brown Belt Taegeuk 7
Brown Belt Black Stripe Palgwe 7
Red Belt (Adult Only) Taegeuk 8, Palgwe 8
Red Belt Taegeuk 8
Red Belt Black Stripe Palgwe 8

Sport Poomsae

All black belt competitors shall compete using Sport Poomsae rules.
Red belt competitors may opt to compete using Sport Poomsae rules.

For this tournament, most divisions will likely be between 3-7 athletes. To give competitors more training while balancing tournament time, individual divisions will start with the Semi-Finals round of one form, and two forms for the Finals round. Each athlete needs to be prepared to demonstrate all their forms. Advanced sport poomsae competition formats (e.g. WTF combination Single Elimination Finals, USAT modified 3-round Finals) shall be practiced in poomsae training camps.

Poomsae Draws are available.

Schedule – Please report 30 minutes prior to your division time

All athletes shall report to TMA3 for check-in and weigh-ins prior to competing. TMA3 shall be the holding/staging area and TMA1 shall be reserved for competition. Athletes and parents that are actively competing shall be allowed to TMA1; all other athletes and parents are asked to please wait at TMA3 until it is time for you to compete.

8:00AM-9:00AM Set Up & Referee Meeting
9:00AM-10:00AM Obstacle Course
10:00AM-12:00AM Grassroots Poomsae (Color Belt Forms)

  • Kibon (10:00AM-10:30AM)
  • Palgwe (10:30AM-11:00AM)
  • Taegeuk (11:00AM-12:00PM)

12:00PM-12:30PM Lunch Break
12:30PM-2:00PM Breaking & World Class Poomsae (Black Belt Forms)
2:00PM-2:15PM Set up for Kyorugi (Sparring)
2:15PM-3:00PM Kyorugi (Sparring) and Weapons Sparring


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