The Little Tigers Program is an introduction to Taekwondo for children 4–5 years old and 6–9 years old. We focus on building motor skills, coordination, focus (following directions and task completion) and basic to intermediate kicking and punching concepts.

Cadet Tigers Program

The Cadet Tigers Program is for 10–14 years old students of all skill levels to learn Taekwondo. We build self-discipline based on complex motor skills (balance, footwork, position and timing drills), and multiple kicking and punching techniques.

Junior and Adult Classes

Junior and Adult classes offer full Taekwondo instruction to students 10 years and older. The course is physically and mentally rigorous, focused on the true meaning of perseverance and teaches dynamic techniques (sparring concepts, tactics). Competition Teams are available.

Weapons Program

The Weapons Program builds on Hapkido training with 16th century Korean weapons. Our Weapons Program serves as an introduction to various weapons, including sword, staff, spear, flail, sickle, and twin swords. Advanced classes include Hapkido knife defense, joint locks, tumbling, and throws.


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