Junior and Adult Program

The Junior and Adult Program offers full Taekwondo instruction to students 14 years and older. Younger students who are ready may also join this program. The course is physically and mentally rigorous, focused on the true meaning of perseverance and teaches dynamic techniques (sparring concepts, tactics).

Tiger Martial Arts instruction has its roots in secondary education, having started at UC Davis (1994-present) as an Experimental College course. TMA brings this college experience for pre-teens and teens. Our instructors provide teaching and guidance; students must manage their training in and out of class to see results. This gives TMA students the upper hand for taking ownership of their education at university.

Tiger Martial Arts offers elite poomsae and sparring training. Students often flourish when challenged with the highest standards. Their athletic achievements underscore the importance of hard work to success, and often leads to equivalent progress in academic achievement.


Quality Martial Arts Instruction