Yudanja Poomsae

Yudanja Poomsae are the black belt forms for WTF Taekwondo, established in the mid 1960s over several Korean Taekwondo Association committees. Yudanja are black belt instructors; Kodanja are master-level instructors.

The below video are from 2012 I believe, and out-of-date. Use these videos as a reference when first learning the movements. Consult Master Hung and Master Wong for the fine details.

Yudanja Poomsae

Koryo Poomsae

Keumgang Poomsae

Taebaek Poomsae

Pyongwang Poomsae

Kodanja Poomsae

Shipjin Poomsae

Jitae Poomsae

Chonkwon Poomsae

Hansu Poomsae

Ilyeo Poomsae


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